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Learn how to receive affordable insurance with no deductibles and made just for you!

No Deductibles

Completely Customizable


No Restrictions

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Save up to 50%

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30+ years of Experience

Proven Results

With over 10,000+ people insured, we know what it takes to make sure our customers are well taken care of.

Service is Our Virtue

We know you have several options for health insurance, so thanks for choosing us. Which is also why we offer 24/7 support.

Only The Best Pricing

We provide multiple fixed health insurance benefits you can choose according to your health care needs.

We Know What Is Best

We provide affordable insurance solutions that help you take control of your financial and health care future.

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A Great Price Is Always A Guarantee With US

Listen to what one of our customers had to say after they made the switch:

As a business owner, it has been hard to find affordable health insurance coverage for my family. I am so glad that I met with them. Now we have complete coverage and no longer have the stress of being without insurance.

- Niomi T.



As I'm getting up there in age I called Walker Health Insurance about Critical Illness Insurance. The girl on the phone during my initial call was very friendly and knowledgeable. Later that day Don Walker called me and answered a few questions. Overall the two were very knowledgeable and caring. I was surprised at the professionalism.


Sonia was so patient with me when I was asking questions. I had just left my job and started my own business. Every where else I looked, the price was way above my budget for health insurance for my family. She was able to get me the coverage I needed without paying for anything extra. I highly recommend here and Walker Health Insurance.


Don and Stacey at Walker Health Insurance were truly caring, informative people that went out of their way to explain options and plans. I highly recommend Walker Health Insurance.

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